Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Increase the wealth of opportunities for charity

Increase the wealth of opportunities for charity

Bill Gates - today's most prominent philanthropist, has donated 31,000,000,000 U.S. dollars to the "Bill and Melinda Gates Fund", used mainly to solve the world's poor health care issues. This generous act, so that Bill Gates and his wife were "Time" magazine nominated as a "man of the hour in 2005."

In the philanthropist Bill Gates and so on under the influence, the next generation of high-tech industry leaders have accepted the same moral standards. E-Bay auction site's founder Pierre Omidyar and the first CEO Fu Jie Haskell, each donated billions of dollars. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in their publicly listed company, announced that the search engine's stock and profits will be put into a charitable cause.

On the charity of this new enthusiasm to a great extent in recent years and the increase in the wealth created by the uneven distribution of the results. According to the "Forbes" magazine "in 2005 rich list" of statistics, the world's 691 billionaires, of which 388 are "self-struggle". These new rich are not involved in charity, there are many people in support of a number of public institutions, such as support for their alma mater.

However, more wealth is to create a large number of new charities. A recent report on the charity of "forward-looking" author Catherine Fulton said: "This is philanthropy in the development of a historic moment. If the new billionaires in 5-10 percent of the wealth to the people The imagination, then they will be in the next 20 years to change the face of philanthropy. "

Now, every look of the rich - from the billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the giant hedge fund and movie stars, are open for the charity of their wallet. These days, in Manhattan, 10 were in the fund-raising dinner table is the price of 1,000,000 U.S. dollars. There were more money into the charity, and play their traditional role - to use their fame to other people fund-raising. For example, movie stars Angelina Jolie refugee organizations to actively support the fund-raising activities.

Usually not very concerned about the philanthropy of the media, strongly commended for its generous donation of the billionaire, who denounced their view that mean the rich. The recently published "Business Weekly" lists of the past five years star charity, the founder of Intel Gedengmuer and his wife Betty in the first place, Bill Gates and his wife retreated to the second. Warren Buffett, the second largest in the world still rich in order to focus to make money, rather than come out to donate a large amount of wealth. But he said that in the event of their death, all the property will be donated to charity.

Enthusiastic about the charity is not just the U.S. billionaire, made a lot of money European entrepreneurs are also committed to philanthropy, they have British cosmetics chain Body Shop founder Anita Roddick and French hedge fund boss Appalachian De Basen. India's new rich, two high-tech company owner Emupulai Muji Nan Danni Le Kani and became enthusiastic philanthropist. China and Russia and even the new rich have become lovers charity. For example, the purchase of Chelsea Football Club's rich Russian Roman Abramovich come up with millions of dollars to improve the Kamchatka Peninsula, the living conditions of residents.

Have a strategic vision of the company will be able to tend to their own society and the emergence of a major event or a major accident linked. Experts have pointed out that with the marketing, the company's philanthropy is not the most important thing is that the number of inputs, the lies and be able to advance to seize the best time. The Indian Ocean tsunami, is one of the most obvious case in point.

A U.S. public relations firm Hill & Knowlton survey, in the disaster, the nation's largest 500 companies provided cash, supplies and other relief services to a total of 253,000,000 U.S. dollars. And all U.S. companies for tsunami donations add up, reached 750,000,000 U.S. dollars, or even more than the historical record - "9.11" incident of 682,000,000 U.S. dollars.

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